Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What a month...

Well, it has been quite the month for the Ridings family. About 3 weeks ago Matt got the call none of us wanted to get, he was released by the Royals. We were all sad about this, but we know God has a much better plan for our lives than we could ever have for ourselves. So we packed up from Arkansas and were back in the wonderful Franklin, TN the following day. We stayed with Matt's parents for about two weeks while Matt decided whether he would continue in the baseball world or move on to a "normal" life. He received many Independent baseball team offers but ultimately decided we would stay here in TN! So we're here for good and very excited to see God's plan for us and our family. We have been extremely blessed in our lives and we know He will continue with his blessings!

Anyway, here are a few photos of our last few days in Arkansas.

      We had a puppy sleepover for Hampton and Finley while Linds, Bill and Judy went to Branson                   for the day. Hampy girl had so much fun with her cousin. 

                                                          The girls taking a nap with me

                                                         On the field one night after a game.

The whole Riding's gang with our fave baseball player :)

Our sweet little family <3

Matt and I out on Dickson Street one of our last nights in Springdale.

The love of my life 

Matty needed to borrow some sunglasses on the way home. He loves him some Michael Kors :)

We have recently moved into an apartment for about 6 months until we buy our first home together!!! Pics to come soon of our apartment and we will keep you posted on the house hunt!!!

Lots of love,
The Ridings

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  1. I see one puppy napping... and, one puppy NOT napping. Ha!